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This is a ring that allows you to mount a lens backwards to the camera body. For this purpose, it has a male thread (corresponding to the filter thread of the lens) on the one side and a bayonet for the particular camera on the other side.

This system’s magnification can not be easily calculated with a formula so the easiest way to find it out is to measure it. For example, reversing a 50 mm lens gives you approx. 0.8x magnification and a 28 mm lens – approx. 3x.

Of course, we can add extension tubes to the system. Then the magnification would be:

ML – magnification of the lens
Еxt – added extension [mm]
F – focal length of the lens [mm]

The main disadvantage of this method is the small working distance because of the use of lenses with relatively short focal lengths. Another disadvantage is the loss of communication between the camera and the lens. Novoflex offers a device that transmits the communication but its price makes the whole initiative pointless.

When shooting in the field, it is good to protect the lens’ rear part in some way, so as to avoid scratching the lens or the electrical contacts and prevent dust from getting inside it. For this purpose, you can use a lens cap with a hole in its center.

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