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Besides the camera, lenses, all accessories you use to gain the required magnification and the additional lighting, there are a lot of things that can be very useful when shooting macro in the field. I find these to be the most useful:

Long sleeved clothing – because I frequently kneel or lie on the ground to get close enough to my models and to assume the most stable pose for shooting.

Fingerless gloves – even when it’s warm, I prefer to wear them, because that way I don’t feel the blades of grass and stalks that brush my fingers while I’m looking through the viewfinder.

Knee pads – to protect my clothing from the early-morning dew.

Scissors and pincers – for the times when some blade of grass is standing between the lens and your model, and you wish to remove it without plucking it out, as any disturbance of the vegetation or unnecessary movement could scare off the little bugger.

Beanbag – it’s convenient when your camera is almost on the ground, but it’s still heavy and you prefer to place it on something instead of handholding it.

Water spray – for artistic purposes : )

Tripod, macro focusing rail and a cable release – irreplaceable if you intend to take shots for focus stacking or just to shoot with natural light only.

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