“Cause оn some rare occasions you gotta show class”

And this is the first animation I’ve rendered for the last 10 years:

Base – 1550 mm
Rake – 32°
Trail – 160 mm
Clearance – 100 mm
Seat height – 610 mm
Rear tyre – 140/90-15
Front tyre – 100/90-19

The concept
Long time no cad bikes, so here comes the next one. In the beginning I got sudden inspiration to model a (kinda rat) bike from a photo I saw on the social networks, but when I started doing it, things just got wild and I ended up with this. I know it looks like a lowrider style chopper, but that was not the main idea. It just had to be skinny and classy. No fat tyres, no long fishtails and no high ape hangers.

Project started: 18.11.2015
Finished: 15.12.2015

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